A Winter Day – Music of the Season, Secular and Sacred, Lively and Lovely

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, 465 First Parish Road, Scituate

Tickets: $20 general admission

Danica Buckley, Conductor

A Winter Day’s featured work is written by Canadian contemporary composer Sarah Quartel, accompanied by piano and cello. The five-movement work celebrates the frigid beauty of Canada’s winters, as expressed in poems by Sara Teasdale, Lucy Maud Montgomery (of “Anne of Green Gables” fame), Melville Cane, as well as Quartel’s own writings. Each movement depicts the passing times of day, beginning with the cold darkness before dawn (Timid Star), concluding as the evening turns to dusk, followed by darkness (Snow Toward Evening). The work conjures up vivid images of a cold, crisp winter, and swirling, dancing snowflakes. The concert culminates with delightful, joyous songs of the season.

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