Massachusetts Cranberry Industry Launches State-Grown Cranberry Insignia

Industry leaders and the region’s legislators appeared at the CCCGA press conference (L to R) Dom Fernandes, Pat Rhodes, Glenn Reid, Brian Wick, Cindy Rhodes, State Rep. Susan Gifford, Rob Rubini, Jim Hayward, State Rep. Matt Muratore, Jeff Kapell, Cass Gilmore and Elizabeth Reilly. image by Michelle McGrath PR

Cape Cod Cranberry Growers’ Association debuts product emblem distinguishing Commonwealth-grown cranberries – At a press conference Thursday, Cape Cod Cranberry Growers’ Association (CCCGA),  representing more than 325 Massachusetts cranberry growers statewide, debuted its insignia emblem distinguishing locally grown fruit on cranberry products sourced from within the Commonwealth. The logo “Massachusetts Cranberries” differentiates the official state fruit on products grown in state, supporting the agricultural efforts of the state’s dedicated grower community.

The press conference was held on the grounds of Fresh Meadows Farm in Carver, owned and operated by Dom Fernandes, a third-generation grower. A representative group of the grower community’s member leaders turned out, many in the thick of a bustling harvest season, in addition to public officials of the region, including Massachusetts State Representatives Susan Williams Gifford (R-Wareham) and Mathew Muratore (R-Plymouth), as well as Rep. Muratore’s Legislative Director & Chief of Staff Betty DeBenedictis. Upon the unveiling of the logo emblem, applause broke out, and several leaders, longtime supporters of the industry, spoke to the attendees.

Aside the new “Massachusetts Cranberries” logo, CCCGA Executive Director Brian Wick, State Representative Susan Gifford and State Representative Matt Muratore.

“Massachusetts is the heart of the cranberry industry and has been for over 200 years,” shared Rep. Gifford.  “Consumers need to know they are getting the best berries in the world when they buy Massachusetts grown cranberries. Congratulations to the Cape Cod Cranberry Growers’ Association and the growers for making this logo a reality.”

The “Massachusetts Cranberries” logo is intended to increase awareness of fruit grown within Massachusetts, in hope of capturing consumer interest in a region where the locavore (a.k.a. Buy Local) movement is widely supported.  “Cranberry growers are a big part of the tourism industry in Massachusetts,” said Rep. Muratore.  “People from across the country and around the world will see this logo and think Massachusetts cranberries. Congratulations!” 

Dom Fernandes of Fresh Meadows Farm noted that he has found “that it’s not just locally grown that retail buyers are looking for, there is a distinct characteristic in the nature of the fruit we grow here in Massachusetts, and folks say that our fruit tastes so good.  In fact, it’s simply because we are selling them a “Massachusetts berry” which has a lot of distinct qualities with its size, color, taste, even the distinct nature of the history of Massachusetts.” He added that “this logo is a small but prudent step to advocate for locally grown Massachusetts fruit.”

The new Massachusetts Cranberries logo, image courtesy of Cape Cod Cranberry Growers’ Association

Brian Wick, Executive Director of Cape Cod Cranberry Growers’ Association added, “The formation of this logo is long overdue, given the history of our industry in Massachusetts and the significance of cranberries to our region. For consumers that are looking for a better understanding of where their food choices are sourced, this emblem clearly demonstrates that the cranberry products they purchase have been made with locally grown cranberries, helping, in part, to support the cranberry growers of Massachusetts.”

Facilitated by CCCGA for use by its statewide membership, the “Massachusetts Cranberries” logo is funded by a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Specialty Crop Block Grant, a program originated to enhance the competitiveness of specialty crops.  The logo will be integrated into packaging of participating grower’s products beginning this fall featuring berries grown inside Massachusetts.  The insignia will initially be visible to consumers as a sticker label, building ultimately to be incorporated as an element of packaging design or on point-of-sale displays, primarily branding fresh and fresh frozen cranberries and other cranberry products sourced with Massachusetts berries.  Consumers can start looking for the Massachusetts Cranberries logo on fresh fruit at local farm stands or retail outlets this fall.

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About the Cape Cod Cranberry Growers’ Association

Established in 1888 to standardize the measure with which cranberries are sold, Cape Cod Cranberry Growers’ Association (CCCGA) is one of the country’s oldest farmers’ organizations, today representing about 325 growers throughout Massachusetts. This unity has given growers both a single voice and collective strength in promoting the cranberry industry, the largest agricultural food commodity produced in Massachusetts, with an annual crop value of $60.2 million.  Massachusetts is home to 30% of all North American cranberry acreage and provides over 6,900 jobs and a total economic benefit of over $1.4 billion to the Massachusetts economy (source: Farm Credit East Knowledge Exchange Report).  CCCGA’S professional staff assists growers in solving everyday problems, assisting in regulatory compliance, sponsoring professional development seminars and organizing Association activities. CCCGA continues to facilitate cranberry research efforts to help improve the efficiency and environmental stewardship of cranberry farms. Through continued support, CCCGA works to ensure that cranberry farming, along with the open space and clean water that is vital to cranberry growing, our communities and the environment, will be sustained.  For more information, visit, contact Brian Wick, Executive Director, Cape Cod Cranberry Growers’ Association, or call 508-866-7878.  For the latest updates, follow the Association on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.