Provincetown 400 Shares Vision for 2020 Commemoration and Beyond – The Provincetown Board of Selectmen, members of the press, town government and community received a vast overview of the progress in Provincetown 400’s plans to commemorate the landing of the Pilgrims in Provincetown, signing of the Mayflower Compact and edifying the Wampanoag story to the public.  The presentation was made by the non-profit organization’s Executive Director Lisa Giuffre, with the support of members of its Board of Directors present.

Giuffre’s report outlined the nonprofit’s mission of showcasing the historic and cultural significance of Provincetown and Cape Cod as a means of improving the quality of life of residents and the visitor experience, while growing the economic and environmental vitality of the region.

“Lisa’s presentation offered the Selectmen remarkable breadth in creative ideas, giving light to the collaborations that she’s assembled to take part in this exciting celebration,” said Louise Venden, Provincetown Selectman.  “These substantial plans set the stage for even more collaboration inside the community, across the Cape, and as high as the Massachusetts state government.”

Giuffre spoke of programs designed to honor the scope of Provincetown’s 400 years of history, while educating the public through informative and entertaining events and activities. Of particular importance to their plans, she notes highlighting Provincetown’s role in the landing of the Mayflower Pilgrims, Mayflower Compact and exploration of the outer Cape, and the culture and history of the Wampanoag peoples.  To that end, Giuffre’s mind is focused daily on evoking liberty, self-governance, democracy, social justice and the beginning of our nation in Provincetown 400’s vision.

“In the spirit of the Mayflower Compact and the signers’ commitment to ‘a civil body politic in the New World’,” shares Giuffre, “Provincetown 400 utilizes its programs to reflect, discuss and grow to a deeper understanding of those different from oneself, helping to make us stronger and more capable of tackling the complex social issues of our time.”

Selectmen present listened attentively to Giuffre’s outline of programs that includes 2020 commemorative events, educational programming, civic engagement initiatives, and arts and humanities programs.  The tangible list of events is amplified by the greater mission to gather community, educate and flourish long beyond 2020.

Provincetown 400 intends to deliver programming first to many Cape and Island communities, some designed to grow into national initiatives with the potential of reaching an international audience.

“It’s exciting to share this information with the opportunity immediately ahead of launching the story’s next chapter,” explained Giuffre.  “We’ll soon be expanding our Board, launching fundraising initiatives and forming energetic committees to ensure success.  There is plenty of hard work ahead, but we are definitely going to have fun doing it!”

About Provincetown 400

Pilgrims’ First Landing Park, Inc, a 501c3 non-profit organization founded in 1996 has been operating as Provincetown 400 since 2016.  The organization serves to commemorate the 1620 first landing of the Pilgrims, the signing of the Mayflower Compact, and to build a deeper understanding of the story of the Wampanoag, the native peoples of the region. Its mission is to improve the quality of life of residents and the visitor experience and to grow the economic and environmental vitality of Provincetown and Cape Cod.  The organization will accomplish this broad vision by showcasing the historic and cultural significance of the region.  Programs and events on tap are designed to actively impact the economy and social fabric of Provincetown and its surrounding communities in meaningful ways for years to come.  Provincetown 400’s office is located at 115 Bradford Street, P.O. Box 1620, Provincetown, MA 02657.  To learn more, call 508-506-1620, visit, or follow Provincetown 400 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.