A.C.T. Studio One Performing Arts Programs Registration Opens

McGRATHPR.com – The Academy of the Company Theatre’s (A.C.T.) Studio One youth and adult small group performing arts classes are open for Fall 2017 registration. Fall classes are held from September 11 through December 16, 2017.  All students have the opportunity to participate in performances and demonstrations at the A.C.T. Studio One Open Studios in December.

Programs are held at The Company Theatre Center for Performing Arts, 30 Accord Park Drive, Norwell.

Founded in 2013 as an extension of The Academy of The Company Theatre, A.C.T.’s Studio One programs offer education geared towards refining skills in the arts, giving the performer a path to guide them towards excellence in performance. The mission of A.C.T.’s Studio One is to build confidence, self-expression, and ability in the performing arts in a creative, safe and supportive environment through progressive training to children, teens and adults.  A faculty of established teacher/artists educate, nurture and encourage proper technical development in voice, acting, movement and music, leading students to empowered, positive experiences.

Our comprehensive Center Stage programming offers instruction in all aspects of musical theatre for a variety of age groups and skill levels with a lot of individual attention.  For younger students ages 5 to 7, Pre-Center Stage uses pretend play, music and character work to help little children learn how to speak clearly, sing, move their bodies with confidence, and play with emotion, story and character.  For students ages 8 to 14, Center Stage 1A, 1B and 2 provides the skills needed to succeed in musical theatre through progressive mini-lessons that include acting, singing, music theory, movement and auditioning. For more advanced students ages 13 to 18, Broadway Musical Theatre inspires young adults to prepare and perform full scenes and numbers from famous musicals, from sight-reading to singing to dancing to scene work.

A variety of dance classes are offered for students of all levels.  For students aged 7 to 18, Broadway Dance 1 and 2 offers beginner or intermediate dancers the basics of Broadway dance in technique, body position, expression and interpretation. Teen Broadway Dance offers an introduction to the dance language of musical theatre in a fast-paced class specifically for teens.  Children’s Tap introduces kids to the steps and language of tap and develops their rhythmic skills.  Youth Yoga, geared towards children and teens ages 10 and up, will teach students the poses and language of yoga to build better body awareness, breath control, flexibility, strength, and mindfulness.

In vocal performance, Children’s and Teen Voice classes, for ages 8 to 18, instruct vocalists in proper breathing technique, projection, diction and musicianship, on their way to becoming a better group or solo voice musician.  Boys’ Choir, for ages 11 to 18, is designed especially for the changing young male voice. Private vocal instruction for children is also available.

Teen Improv and Children’s Improv teaches students how to create memorable characters and scenes on the spot, while Teen Acting, for ages 14 to 18, teaches fundamentals by exploring monologues, scene study, and speech through the works of diverse playwrights.  Speech and Dialect covers various dialects for the stage as well as proper vocal technique useful in auditions and the rehearsal process. Shakespeare for Teens incorporates scenes, monologues and the Shakespearean Insults game to explore the bawdy, funny, action-packed side of Shakespeare.

Adult Voice, Adult Improv, Adult Acting, Adult Tap, and Adult Broadway Jazz Dance classes are also available. These classes are leveled to serve beginners, intermediate and advanced performers who wish to strengthen their skills and have fun!

For complete A.C.T. Studio One program descriptions, schedules, pricing or registration information, visit www.companytheatre.com/academy/studio-one/.  Enrollment is limited, early registration is recommended.  All programs require a one-time $25.00 registration fee per family.  Families with multiple enrolled students receive 10% discount off each class after the first student.  For the latest information on programs, call Melissa at 339-469-1776. For information on performances and special events, call the box office at 781-871-2787, or follow The Company Theatre Center for the Arts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.