Cape Cod Cranberry Growers’ Association Announces Legislative Leadership and Government Service Awards

Amidst 225 attendees of the Cape Cod Cranberry Growers’ Association’s (CCCGA) 28th Annual Winter Meeting and Trade Show, Association President Keith Mann announced and presented the organization’s 2017 Legislative Leadership and Government Service Awards.  The event was held at Hotel 1620 in Plymouth Harbor.

Each year, CCCGA considers members of the Massachusetts Legislature and government officials that have consistently contributed to the quality of life in Southeastern Massachusetts and the viability of one of its original industries, cranberry farming. This year’s recipients of the Legislative Leadership Award honored Representative Susan Williams Gifford (R-Wareham) and Representative Keiko Orrall (R-Lakeville). Each have been staunch supporters of the industry, working tirelessly on behalf of the growers while sustaining highly effective representation of cranberry agriculture.

The recipient of the Government Service Award is John Lebeaux, Commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources. Under his steady leadership, the department is working to provide much needed programs and services to the cranberry industry.

Mann spoke highly of the award recipients. “It is with great honor that we recognize the work of Representatives Gifford and Orrall and Commissioner Lebeaux.  The efforts of these leaders contribute greatly to the success of the cranberry industry today.  More importantly, their leadership is laying the framework for the foundation of cranberry agriculture in Massachusetts for the next generation of growers.”

The CCCGA Annual Winter Meeting is an opportunity for the Massachusetts cranberry industry to gather and learn the latest information on industry news, research results, environmental updates and more. Presentations included information on climate change, the ongoing drought, tick and tick-borne diseases, frost management and soil moisture technology.

Secretary Matthew Beaton of the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs served as the event’s keynote luncheon speaker. Secretary Beaton continues to balance environmental protection with the needed sustainability of the Commonwealth’s agricultural community, in particular the cranberry industry. He spoke of both the challenges and opportunities facing agriculture today and his vision for the future. This vision includes climate vulnerability on agriculture, strategies for climate change resiliency, food safety, drought impacts and the continued success of the state’s Commonwealth Quality program.  “We’re pleased that Secretary Beaton was able to speak to the issues facing our industry today,” said Mann.  “The administration’s vision and plans for overcoming these challenges, such as addressing the effects of a changing climate, is exactly the type of leadership that will make a difference for our industry.”

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About the Cape Cod Cranberry Growers’ Association

Established in 1888, the Cape Cod Cranberry Growers’ Association represents more than 330 cranberry growers throughout Southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod and Nantucket. Cranberries are the largest agricultural food commodity produced in Massachusetts, with an annual crop value of $99.8 million.  Massachusetts is home to 30% of all North American cranberry acreage and according to a recent Farm Credit East Knowledge Exchange Report, provides over 6,900 jobs and a total economic benefit of over $1.4 billion to the Massachusetts economy. For further information, contact Brian Wick, Executive Director, Cape Cod Cranberry Growers’ Association, or at 508-866-7878.  For the latest updates, visit or follow the Association on Facebook and Twitter.

Photos:  Courtesy, Cape Cod Cranberry Growers’ Association

Top Left:  (L-R), Brian Wick, Department of Agricultural Resources Commissioner John Lebeaux, CCCGA President Keith Mann, Gary Garretson

Middle Right:  (L-R), Brian Wick, State Representative Susan Williams Gifford, Gary Garretson, CCCGA President Keith Mann

Bottom Left:  (L-R), CCCGA President Keith Mann, State Representative Keiko Orrall, Gary Garretson, Brian Wick