The Love Note Musical to Debut Off-Broadway in New York City

New coming-of-age inspirational pre-teen musical celebrates the timeless power of a love note

G.P. Productions presents the New York debut of The Love Note, a new pre-teen musical, opening Sunday, September 14, 10 am at the Actor’s Temple Theatre, 339 West 47th St, New York, NY. Performances will be held on Wednesdays and Sundays at 10 am through December 21. The Love Note musical, written by playwright/composer Gail Phaneuf, will be directed by Russell Garrett, with music direction by Rachael Ziering, and produced with James Farrelly.

The Love Note musical follows young Jessie on a spirited journey at a new school, where she attempts to navigate the lunchroom bullies, a new crush and learning how to stand up for herself. With a lively cast of characters and a rousing score, The Love Note explores the trials of being ‘the new kid’, learning the ropes of self-reliance and survival techniques that carry into adulthood.

Wacky bookworms, menacing bullies and up-and-coming ‘tween fashionistas drive a fast-paced narrative, all under the watchful eye of a soup-ladle wielding lunch lady. Jessie’s lonely school lunches are heartened by the tiny pink love note her mother packs into her brown paper bag each day, but once chief-bully Brittany bites into her snatched sandwich, Jessie knows she is in trouble.   Working out challenges with her magical friend Airy, together they concoct a spicy strategy to help Jessie stand up for her lunch.

“Everyone remembers the terror of sitting alone in the lunchroom,” said Phaneuf, “or feeling too insecure to sit with the popular kids.’’ Director Garrett says that he is excited “to help bring this new musical work to New York City, and introduce kids and families to a fun, magical story dealing with the very real issues of bullying, adolescence, and how the power of love can inspire the confidence to face adversity.”

The Love Note is whole-family entertainment that uplifts audiences while tackling real-life themes of teen bullying, independence and parental authority.

The Love Note Project redefines the power of a lunch “packed with love”, by allowing parents to share their own love notes to the show’s website to spread their support and help stomp out bullying. Curriculum specialist Kelly Schell shares, “A love note provides a simple example of parental love and support through the tiny written gesture in a child’s lunch, but the impact is so powerful … not only for Jessie, who is only reaffirmed in the knowledge that she is loved and cared for, but also for Brittany and the ‘mean girls’ who desperately want that supportive love and family attention to be present in their own lives.”

The Love Note is the creation of Boston-based playwright, composer and Curry College Playwright-in-Residence Gail Phaneuf. She is an award-winning writer and director of many plays and musicals, including comedic Monsters! A Midlife Musical Meltdown.


Tickets range from $24.00 to $39.50. For a complete performance schedule, more information, or to order tickets, call the box office at 212-239-6200, or visit Tickets may also be purchased at the Actor’s Temple Theatre Box Office on site, and at St. Luke’s Box Office, 308 W. 46th Street, NYC.
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